The MPE Degree

Investing in Our People

MPE’s dedicated team is the reason for our continued growth. We pride ourselves in having a strong, unified team with leaders who can successfully coach and develop others. Part of our culture is to provide both personal and professional growth opportunities for our employees. One of our central goals at MPE is to ensure that we remain a positive and encouraging workforce, continually promoting and building individual development.

As a growing company, we recognized the need to focus on grooming the future leaders of our company. With that initiative, we chose 25 mid-level managers and supervisors for a training program that supports their development plan.

Investing in Our People

We selected a professional program that teaches practical and relevant techniques to our front line leaders. This training consists of eight 4 hour sessions. It focuses on many skills that the employees will need inside and outside of MPE – such as role-modeling, trust building and motivating others.

To date, this group has participated in sessions related to Motivation & Trust Building and Communication Skills. These classes have helped teach the team how to adjust to their roles as leaders. Some of those skills include learning how to utilize different communication styles, developing effective coaching methods, and effectively building and maintaining trust relationships.

We intentionally limited the sessions to a small group to encourage active participation. The fact that the participants know each other and collaborate on a daily basis makes it easier for them to discuss difficult topics. The participants work together to come up with solutions to the challenges they face in the workplace. Future sessions will center on developing effective training skills and techniques to resolve conflict.

” The goal is to tailor your communication to the person you are delivering it to, to make it more effective. “

One of our supervisors, Jim, who is the Director of Quality, has had a good experience so far, “The Trainers are very good and keep the group engaged. They break down situations that occur every day in the work place and are providing some tools to help manage the situations. So far my favorite part has been the section where we performed a simple exercise to determine our individual communication style. Everyone in the group was determined to be one of four styles. The goal is to tailor your communication to the person you are delivering it to, to make it more effective.”

This program is an example of our commitment to our most precious resource, our people. It is an investment in MPE’s future.

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