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Addition of Fladder to Laser Department

A machine that processes parts 75 times faster than a manual process with a reduction of 90 hours per week in labor – the beauty of technology, right?

Addition of Fladder to Laser Department - Automatic Deburring Machine

As part of our lean journey, we assess the potential of new technologies to improve our processes. In the Cutting department, parts are moved from laser cutting, to deburring, and then to forming. A burr is an imperfection on the material, such as a raised edge or an extra small piece of material. Deburring is the process of removing these burrs from the material to create a clean, safe edge.

Prior to upgrading to an automated process, all parts produced were manually deburred. The manual deburring process required multiple steps including removing one part at a time from the cutting blank, sanding each part with a palm sander, and then removing any burrs with a deburring tool (knife). This operation was time consuming and labor intensive since only one part at a time could be processed. Furthermore, this process was difficult to control in terms of meeting quality standards.

In order to increase throughput and the consistency of edge quality of the raw parts, we chose to advance to an automated deburring process. We evaluated a variety of solutions and considered multiple manufacturers to find the best solution for us. Ultimately, we selected an automated deburring machine – the Fladder.

The Fladder Deburring and Finishing machine is designed for removing burrs and rounding the edges on irregular shaped parts. Parts are carried through the machine on a vacuum hold down belt, deburring the parts with brushes that oscillate across the part surface.

The machine has been beneficial to our customer because it reduces the deburring and speeds the parts to the next operation.

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