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Meet Our Newest Addition: CNC Press Brake with Automatic Tool Changer

Meet our newest addition: CNC Press Brake with Automatic Tool Changer

In our business of high-mix, low volume manufacturing, reducing set-up times is one of the biggest opportunities we have in improving efficiencies. “The Dawn of SMED” CI project resulted in a significant reduction of set-up time and increase in throughput for our forming department. So what was the next logical step? New technology!

We recently installed a press brake with an automatic tool changer (ATC). The ATC performs tool changes quickly and precisely – eliminating costly delays associated with manual tool changes. Set-up times have been reduced by 47%! This machine also has an integrated bend sensor which has almost eliminated the need for bend samples. The increased throughput in our forming department translates to shorter lead times for our customers.

As we continue our Lean journey, the MPE team will invest in the right technology to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

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