So you have a new product idea. The next question you face is, “How do I get it to market quickly?” Our Concept To Completion models allows us to move at a speed that others cannot match.

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Traditional, Linear Approach to Product Development Benefits of  MPE’s Concept To Completion Model
1.   Hire an Industrial Design firm to develop a concept  1.  One contact point through the entire process and the knowledge to guide you through the regulatory requirements
2.   Engage an Engineering firm to do the development work  2. Driven by our stage gate development process – manage timeline and scope creep, communication
3.   Find a prototype house to make the first units  3.  In-house prototyping
4.   Back to Engineering to refine the concept based on VOC feedback  4.  Intimate knowledge of manufacturing – we make what we design
5.   Possibly a second prototype to validate the changes  5. Electro-mechanical assembly
6.   Select and audit manufacturers and suppliers for product  6.  Seamless transfer of knowledge from design to product launch
7.   Hire a Packaging company to design and test packaging  7.  Supply chain management
8.  Manage the supply chain to coordinate delivery of
hardware, components and packaging
 8.  Custom packaging design
9.  Assemble the finished product, package for shipment  9.  Inventory management



MPE’s collaborative approach will get your product to market quickly and on budget!