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MedTech Market Demand Accelerates MPE’s Facility Expansion, Increased Production Capacities and Internal Promotions

New Strategic Sales Operations and Planning Reporting Structure Announced


MPE, a leading development and manufacturing partner of medical device OEMs, today announced changes to the company’s sales operations and planning to better support core activities critical to meeting the growing MedTech market demands.

“MedTech Device OEMs have had significant challenges manufacturing and delivering their medical devices to market, which negatively impacts patient outcomes in hospitals. We’ve been listening, and have continued to strategically optimize our operations to support and deliver for our customers,” Says Hank Kohl, President and CEO.

MPE has expanded its Wisconsin operations to four locations in support of production needs, with a total footprint of over 300,000 square feet, employing over 300 employees. The company has additional plans continued employment growth and facility expansion in 2023.

As part of the organizational changes, Jacob Carter has been promoted to Vice President, Sales & Operations Planning and Supply Chain. In his new role, he will oversee and drive the alignment of sales operations and production planning, procurement, inventory management, and supplier development. Jake will leverage his experience in supply chain and customer-centric strategies to deliver enhanced outcomes for customers.

“The last two years were a pressure test on medical device supply chains and highlighted critical vulnerabilities across the market. MPE has made these changes to address these challenges and disruptions for more predictable customer outcomes,” Jacob stated.

The changes will see an optimized alignment of sales operations and planning, supply chain, account management, and project management resulting in improved, predictable production and delivery performance.


About MPE

MPE-INC is a leading design and manufacturing partner to healthcare and technology OEMs, leveraging core competencies in product design, engineering, high mix / low volume manufacturing, quality systems and 3PL services. For more than 40 years, MPE has successfully serviced an impressive list of blue-chip medical device and technology OEMs, leveraging a vertically integrated business model that offers its growing customer base “Concept to Completion” solutions. MPE-INC is headquartered in Milwaukee. For more information visit

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