The customer was a middle-market OEM that grew by acquisition, resulting in a globally fragmented supply chain, QMS, and manufacturing footprint. They were managing product manufacturing through multiple suppliers and performing final integration in their own facilities. This process created unnecessary overhead, inefficiencies and carried high TCO. Their manufacturing footprint limited their ability to scale or adjust to market fluctuations.


The customer transferred full responsibility of sourcing, regulatory compliance, and full-product manufacturing of three product lines to MPE. MPE managed to seamlessly merge their existing supply chain with our own, allowing production, performing final system integration and testing, all in house. MPE built a clean assembly area within 3 months to accommodate product-manufacturing requirements of sophisticated ophthalmic imaging systems for newborns. MPE was also able to add significant footprint to the clean assembly area after product demand was higher than expected.


The customer was able to realize operational efficiencies throughout their manufacturing plants, reducing total operating costs and increasing free cash flow to support continued growth. MPE provided the ability to scale on demand and ship products directly to fulfillment centers, improving lead-time and logistics. The customer realized a significant reduction in total cost of ownership and streamlined operations.

Lower Cost

Operational efficiencies (e.g. reduced lead times) drive competitive product cost. Implement continuous improvement opportunities.

Lower Risk

Minimize disruption of product supply due to design changes. Minimize regulatory compliance delays.

Increase Revenue

Time to market – don’t need to integrate multiple suppliers

Able to accommodate customers’ volume fluctuations

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