Continuous improvement and support for medical devices. 

Effectively deliver your product in the marketplace. MPE Inc.’s supply chain management and focus on continuous improvement and cost reductions means you’ll be supported fully throughout the entire lifecycle of your medical devices and capital medical equipment.

Whether it involves developing the next generation, value engineering to lower costs, or predictably sunsetting an old product, MPE Inc. provides seamless support for your manufactured devices and equipment.

Predictable supply chain management. 

Value-based healthcare and shifting economic factors require agility in your supply chain. With MPE Inc., you can meet demand and flex with market conditions for a stable supply chain and inventory management. 

Since we develop and manufacture at scale, we are able to maintain pricing and continuously identify areas to gain lower costs and efficiencies.  Our control planes offer a predictable path to market, focusing on differentiation, compliance, and market readiness at every phase.  

Throughout the product lifecycle, our commercialization platform provides:  

  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management and 3PL
  • End of life support 
  • Sustainability 
  • Next generation development 
  • Value engineering 

In addition, our network prioritizes predictable, sustainable logistics with 3PL and warehousing. Our protocol ensures traceability and regulatory compliance throughout your product’s lifecycle, not just during development.

Achieve success throughout the full product lifecycle. 

Whether we manufacture just one component or the entire device, your supply chain will be fully managed at the most efficient level. 

With a scalable partner like MPE Inc., every part of your product’s life cycle will be predictable, stable, and successful.

Result Bringing an Improved Hospital Bassinet Product to Market

Streamlined processes helped bring hospital bassinets to market within 14 months of initial engagement.

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Result Designing the Next Generation of the PET Infusion System

A new PET Infusion System with better ease of transportation and mobility, downsized and updated to a modern, reassuring design.

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