Change how you define medical devices.

Quickly and clearly understand if your capital medical equipment or medical device has a viable place in the market. MPE Inc. helps you realize how to turn your idea into life-enhancing technology. In turn, this sets the foundation for successful commercialization by aligning on a strategic product goal. 

Through our product definition services, we’ll identify feasible pathways to market, outline a valuable and de-risked development approach, and design with a focus on adoption and scalable growth.

Product differentiation starts with definition.

Bringing MedTech to life is a complex web of regulatory compliance, quality standards and more. And the road from science to market launch is even trickier. 

We help you understand what success looks like for your specific product and how to achieve it. MPE Inc.’s decades of industry experience coupled with our deep bench of expert professionals and holistic development and design capabilities enable us to define your product with a well-rounded perspective.

Our unified operations — from beginning to end of the product life cycle — provide a streamlined and precise experience throughout each phase. MPE Inc. has control planes built in at every phase to ensure a clear focus on differentiation, compliance, and market readiness.

Throughout our product development service, our commercialization platform provides: 

  • User needs definition
  • Design controls planning
  • Usability evaluations 
  • Product requirements 
  • Risk analysis
  • Design intent

Achieve MedTech commercial success.

Product definition will tell us where your product is relative to the destination. From this vantage point, we can plan a valuable path forward, leading to a clear roadmap for your product. 

For successful commercialization, product definition paints a clear picture of what the market demands, the project requirements for success, and every detail you’ll need for a medical device the market not only accepts, but embraces.

MPE Inc. (Formerly MindFlow Design) got to know us better during their deep dive diagnostic kickoff than our previous partner did over 5+ years of working with us.

VP of R&D at Biofire Diagnostics

Result Bringing an Improved Hospital Bassinet Product to Market

Streamlined processes helped bring hospital bassinets to market within 14 months of initial engagement.

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Result Electrosurgery Device Universal Cart

MPE Inc.’s initiatives reduced product cost by 32% and shipping costs by 42%, all while maintaining zero inventory exposure from the old to new design.

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