Result Bringing an Improved Hospital Bassinet Product to Market

Streamlined processes helped bring hospital bassinets to market within 14 months of initial engagement.

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Result Integrating Supply Chain, QMS, and Manufacturing Footprint

MPE provided the ability to scale on demand and ship products directly to fulfillment centers, improving lead-time and logistics.

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Result Improving Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients with Efficient Mobility

An integrated mobile platform enabled passing regulatory compliance filings as well as improves outcomes for breast cancer patients.

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Result Designing the Next Generation of the PET Infusion System

A new PET Infusion System with better ease of transportation and mobility, downsized and updated to a modern, reassuring design.

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Result Mobile Neonatal Intensive Care Transport System

A new manufacturing process helped guarantee reliability and durability under the extreme conditions.

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Result Redesigned Self-Guided CPR Skills Training Platform

A redesigned solution that combines elegance with a functional, performance based architectural form to ensure stability and retain mobility.

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Our Vertically Integrated Model

We take your capital equipment from prototype to successful market launch faster.

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Result Electrosurgery Device Universal Cart

MPE Inc.’s initiatives reduced product cost by 32% and shipping costs by 42%, all while maintaining zero inventory exposure from the old to new design.

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Result Redesign of a Flagship Surgical Navigation System

A newly developed, user-focused, two-piece surgical navigation system that simplifies transportation while requiring a minimal footprint within operating rooms.

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Result Renewing an Outdated Nerve Monitoring System

MPE tooled custom components to accelerate and de-risk the launch of the new product.

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