Getting medical technology to critical points of care.

Life-enhancing medical technology should never sacrifice clinical utility and workflow compatibility in the procedure room and other critical points of care. MPE Inc. was built on a legacy of mobility solutions for medical device OEMs, making sure that there is no compromising when it comes to a medical technology’s mobility. MPE Inc. treats cart design and manufacturing as a critical element of clinician and patient device experience, giving carts the care and expertise they deserve.

MACH Series Carts: customizable where it counts, with the speed and minimal investment needed for commercial success.

The MPE MACH Series is a rethought solution to mobility needs, built with the value stream necessary to commercialize and mobilize medical science. We have added to our full suite of engineering and manufacturing services by offering a broad set of modular components that can be leveraged for medical device cart design that deliver OEM’s lower cost, lower risk and faster time to market.

Mobility Solutions

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