Future-proof your medical device with onshore components manufacturing.

In a volatile landscape, outsourcing the design and production of medical, industrial, and commercial product components to international companies is increasingly risky. You need a design and manufacturing partner close to home.

MPE Inc. is that partner. 

Leveraging our unified capital equipment commercialization platform, our team of design and engineering experts will:

  • Do a product deep-dive with your design engineers to understand your business and product needs (as well as your appetite for change). 
  • Evaluate your existing component design through the lens of manufacturability.
  • Optimize or reimagine your design to meet the realities of stateside production.
  • Create a cost-effective manufacturing plan that minimizes your per-unit and total cost of ownership

You can’t afford to miss a market opportunity because your components are stuck overseas. MPE Inc. can help protect and safeguard your long-term product development roadmap.

Outpace your competitors by meeting users’ active and latent needs. 

It doesn’t matter if a component can stand up to the rigors of mass production if it’s not something people want to use. Conversely, positive user sentiment doesn’t mean much if your product can’t be produced to scale.

That’s why MPE Inc.’s unified commercialization platform prioritizes meeting user needs and achieving manufacturability throughout the design, development, and testing process.

Working closely with your design engineers, we’ll:

  • Challenge existing assumptions about your component’s design — from a user perspective and a manufacturability POV.
  • Observe how users interface with the component and watch for shortcuts or workarounds they’ve put in place (indicating usability issues).
  • Assess how users respond to various product design choices to identify opportunities for a greater market edge.

Because we look at the entire process holistically, you can achieve a faster time to market — giving you a fighting chance to leapfrog your competition.

Augment the capabilities of your design and engineering team.

Designing product components for manufacturability requires a breadth and depth of expertise that most design engineers don’t have. MPE Inc. brings a deep bench of multidisciplinary experience, ensuring your internal team delivers solutions that meet your strategic goals.

We can help your team navigate:

  • Highly specific cosmetic requirements that must comply with ISO and FDA standards.
  • Complex legal, regulatory, and safety requirements. 
  • Designing for low and high manufacturing volumes.
  • Applying custom finish requirements like powder coating and plating.
  • How to take your product from DFM to prototype to launch and generate product inventories that flex with demand.

We have extensive design and manufacturing subject matter expertise in-house — allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Result Electrosurgery Device Universal Cart

MPE Inc.’s initiatives reduced product cost by 32% and shipping costs by 42%, all while maintaining zero inventory exposure from the old to new design.

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