Driven by the passion to enhance patient outcomes, a team of physician-scientists developed the technology of using microwave for an energy based, minimally-invasive soft-tissue ablation system. They engaged MPE at an early stage of the design and engineering process.

With focus on providing an intuitive and ergonomic workflow, the Industrial Design team identified critical needs for clinicians through research and observation.


We proposed solutions focused on implementing features, within the aesthetics, that assisted in positioning the unique technology. In parallel, the team of Design Engineers approached the configuration of a structural framework that would allow the thermal regulation required by the state-of-the-art technology. Several rounds of rigorous proof-of-concept modeling, prototyping and testing of concepts and integral features transformed the result-focused, energy-based technology into its final form.


The launch of the powerful, physician-focused device harnessed features to maximize ergonomics and procedure efficiency. The synergistic development approach resulted in launching a stylish, sleek and intuitive system and a brand which has grown to be recognized for its reputation for revolutionizing patient care.

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