Our Story

“There is a great romance in Milwaukee industry.

It has its inception in the lowly condition which existed when many of our present industries were founded. It lies in the transformation of back yard shacks into great factories– from the tumble down huts where some gritty man with real vision started fashioning with his own hand some article which would be useful to mankind…Then came the step to quantity production, scientific organization and distribution on a systematic scale. Today those little enterprises have forged ahead into huge industrial units of the city. Romance? I’ll tell the world it is!” – William Bruce, former secretary of Milwaukee’s merchants’ and manufacturers’ organization.  (History of Milwaukee, William George Bruce, SJ Clarke Publishing Company, Milwaukee, 1922, p. 235.)

MPE followed a similar path. Starting in his basement to fill a perceived need in the market, our founder’s vision has grown into a world class manufacturer supplying OEMs across the globe with engineered product solutions.

Awards and Recognition

Draeger Supplier of the Year
Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve Honors Secretary of Defense Support Freedom Award Nominee
GE Healthcare Digitization/Delivery Award
GE Medical Systems in Recognition of Outstanding Performance in GEMS Digitization Initiatives
GE Medical Systems in Recognition of Outstanding Performance in Competitiveness/Globalization
GEMS Supplier Excellence Award
Medical Design Excellence Award
Medrad Outstanding Development Partner Award
Medrad Recognition of our contributions to the successful launch of the Medrad Intego
Zeiss Certified Supply Award for Outstanding Commitment to Quality, Delivery, & Customer Service (Awarded three years)