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Customize without Compromise

Mobilizing Medical Device Equipment In The Procedure Room And Other Points Of Care.

MPE is the largest custom medical device cart manufacturer leveraging over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience serving some of the most recognized medical companies in the world.

We believe life enhancing medical technology should never sacrifice clinical utility and workflow compatibility.
We have vertically integrated design, fabrication, sourcing and inventory management services for custom and off-shelf medical device carts.
Limitless design possibilities to realize your unique device requirements, brand strategy, workflow, or use case.

Off-Shelf Medical Device Cart Components

  • Technology advancements are reducing the size of medical equipment
  • Medical device OEMs are faced with increasing cost and time to market pressures, as a result, MPE has added to our full suite of medical cart design and manufacturing services by offering a broad set of modular medical cart components that can lower cost, lower risk while accelerating time to market
  • Built for medical devices used in the procedure room & other critical points of care
  • Optimized for human factors and ergonomics
  • Designed in collaboration with medical professional to optimize wide array of medical workflows
  • The modular aspect of the MACH series provides a diverse and flexible foundation for a variety of workflow needs. Our customization service goes further to provide the exact solution you need for your business, device and brand.
    • Build on a flexible platform
    • Get to market fast with minimal investment
    • Medical expertise you can trust
    • Lifecycle partner

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