MPE collaborated with the customer to create a ‘universal cart’ for their various electrosurgery devices, allowing one platform for multiple functions. The communization of the carts enabled greater volume sales of a single SKU. Product sales grew beyond the customer’s expectations, creating a need to quickly ramp production and consider different manufacturing processes for new scale.


MPE quickly delivered a market-ready solution and managed the customer’s unexpected volume surge. MPE identified opportunities and proposed changes to the manufacturing process and packaging design to improve TCO, which included best-cost country sourcing for the new volume. MPE partnered with the customer to manage their ECN process and proactively exercised supply chain for cost and lead-time improvements. Along with this was a sizable investment in tooling from MPE to better accommodate the increased volume.


MPE implemented the process changes in 7 months and handled seamless cutover for continued product supply to the customer. MPE’s initiatives reduced product cost by 32% and shipping costs by 42%, all while maintaining zero inventory exposure from the old to new design.

Increased Revenue

Better products protect the market position and open additional revenue growth opportunities.

Lower Cost

Proactively offering cost down options throughout the product lifecycle – TCO

VAVE outcome – takes costs out of the products while maintaining product integrity

Lower Risk

Continuity of supply

MPE’s investment in CapEx

Mitigation of component obsoletion